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4806 Avenue du Parc Montreal QC H2V 4E6

Welcome to Philinos (Outremont)

Welcome to Philinos Délice Méditerranéen, steps away from Mount Royal Park. The word 'Philinos' means friends of wine, referring to the food of the body and soul, yet wine should never be enjoyed without good friends and great food.

To stay true to form, at Philinos, we live up to this inspired name, offering our customers a cozy and relaxed haven in which to enjoy a hearty meal, anchored by a robust glass of wine, with old friends and new.

Our menu is influenced from the Mediterranean, with fresh ingredients such as olive oil, calamari, lamb, pork and herbs. Our dishes can be described in two words: simple and savory. We rely on traditional Greek recipes for our appetizers and customary dishes such as Moussaka, and Kotopoulo.

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